Fright Fest at Okuma Beach

Why don’t witches like to fly their brooms when they’re angry?
Because they’re afraid of flying off the handle! screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-3-19-42-pm

Alright enough with the cheesy jokes, let’s talk party time.
Get your spook on at the Okuma Beach Fright Fest! This Halloweekend will include a costume party, a free haunted house, a hayride, trick or treating for the little ones and a bonfire for the adults. We will also be hosting our first Escape Room! This is an adventure game in which players are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape. You never grow out of a little Halloween fun so live it up at Okuma Beach!

One more…
Where did the vampire open his savings account?
At a blood bank.
Ok, we’re done, check out all of the Halloween festivities!

Halloween Events

Friday, 28 October
7:00 pm Bonfire Party
8:00 pm  Zombie Golf
8:30 pm  Adult Costume Party!
                 *Prizes and giveaways! 

Saturday, 29 October
10:00 am  Escape Room
11:00 am  Lunch Boo-ffet and Family Costume Contest
12:00 pm Kids Fair
6:00 pm  Hayride
6:30 pm  Haunted House
8:30 pm  After Party at the Waverunner Lounge 

Sunday, 30 October
8:00 am Breakfast Buffet

*Event schedule subject to change.