Kadena Base Library Summer Reading Program


It’s that special time of year again on Okinawa. The beaches are calling, the summer festivals are around the corner and the Kadena Base Library is gearing up for the annual Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme, Read for the Win, is in conjunction with the 31st Olympiad and the Kadena Base Library will be celebrating sports and achievement. The Summer Reading Program kicks off at the Teen Center’s basketball court. This year’s opening festivities include an exciting game of Minute to Win It that everyone can enjoy. Throughout the month of July, the Library will host many other fun games like Face the Cookie, Breakfast Scramble, Stack Attack, Snowball Toss, A Bit Dicey and Suck it Up! Even if you’re not going to be on Okinawa all summer, logging your reading minutes can be done online! As always, all types of reading minutes can be logged – escape to a reality different than your own, read aloud to your child or just brush up on the most recent AFIs. Prizes, which include gift certificates from the Risner Sports Prop Shop and Risner Fitness Center along with Emery Lanes, will be awarded for reaching reading milestones!


Reading Suggestions

There’s so much to see and so much to do at the Kadena Base Library! The library is a place to learn, read and have fun…a place the whole family can enjoy. In fact, more than 82 million children attend local library programs every year.

Studies show that children who are read to in the home and who use the library perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library as a source of lifetime learning. The amount of time children spend reading outside of school is linked to gains in reading achievement.

We have lots of books to get you started on your Path of Glory with no worries of suffering the Agony of Defeat! Readers are winners! Here are a few recommendations:

Olympics by Chris Oxlade

Discover the ultimate sporting event that brings together the world’s best athletes with a spirit of peace and internationalism.

Sumo by P.L. Cuyler

Read all about the history of Sumo from prehistoric times to modern wrestlers. This book includes charts and a map of the organization and techniques of modern sumo that will add greatly to your knowledge of the famous sport.

The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners by Tori Bortman

Find out how to select a bicycle that best suits you and your special needs, how to out t yourself with the appropriate gear and equipment, basic riding and etiquette skills, including how to navigate traffic and how to properly fuel and hydrate yourself for optimal performance.

Martial Arts by Michael Finn

This book includes a wealth of historical and contemporary illustration from all over the world. It chronicles the development of the martial arts of the East from their mysterious beginnings in ancient India and China, through the violent and bloody history of feudal Japan. Martial Arts also covers its enthusiastic adoption in the West as a sport, as a means of self-defense, and as a moral philosophy.

Running for Dummies by Florence Joyner

This book will help you assess your goals and develop a running routine for fun, fitness or competition. It will assist you in focusing on your form with expert tips and techniques and will help you eat right and replenish your body after running as well as how to avoid injuries and stay in shape with simple strength training exercises.

The House That Ruth Built by Robert Weintraub

The author has resurrected the 1923 baseball season to show us how he changed baseball that year and and every season since. The research is meticulous and the writing is delightful.