Okuma Beach Fest 2015

Saturday, 2 May & Sunday, 3 May

Okuma Beach Located ONLY 51 miles North of Kadena Air Base off of 58

Gates will open at 12 pm (noon) on both days.


Join us for Okuma Beach Fest, the largest beach party of the year, featuring dozens of local and international bands, great food, water activities and more. CAMPING is still available! No camping gear? No worries Kadena Outdoor Recreation and Okuma Beach Outdoor Recreation has got you covered. Literally. Check out the fun from last year’s event, Okuma Beach Fest 2014!

Okuma Beach Fest Entertainment Schedule
Okuma Beach Fest Entertainment Schedule

OKUMA General Information:

Pets, glass containers/bottles of any type, spear guns, fireworks and privately own watercraft are NOT allowed at Okuma.

Although it is an open gate event, there will be a 100% photo I.D. check point. Bags and coolers will be inspected by Security Forces at the gate.

Personal vehicle entry is restricted.  Visitors/guests parking will be located at the flight line parking area, unless you have room reservations.

All garbage and litter must either be deposited in trash bins provided, or taken with you when you leave.

Kiddie Land information:
(courtesy of the Kadena Outdoor Recreation)

12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
$5 or 500 yen all day pass

Food & Game Vendors: 

12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Please don’t forget to bring yen and dollars!


*Campers must register at the camping registration booth located at the flight line parking lot or the Coral Reef Inn prior to establishing a camp site.

It will be a first-come, first-served basis.
$10 • Per tent/per day for regular camping spots
$5 • Per tent/per day for overflow camping spots – no picnic table, no BBQ grill

Camping spots are limited.

  • Camping supplies are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Please keep in mind that the supplies are limited. So if you can, bring your own. =]
  • Besides Beachfront Family Campground and Hillside Adult Campground, we will also have three temporary overflow campgrounds.
  • Please note that for safety, Beachfront Family Campground is the only camping areas that allow entry of personally owned vehicles.  One vehicle per camp spot.
  • Vehicles are prohibited at the Hillside Adult Campground and temporary overflow campgrounds.  You must park your car at the visitor parking.
  • Campfires are the responsibility of the camper and are restricted to fire rings or grills provided.  Burning trash in the fire ring or grill is strictly prohibited.
  • Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving.  Do not leave your fire unattended.  You are responsible for keeping fires under control.

Beachfront Family Campground & Overflow Campgrounds
Quiet hours are between 10:00 pm – 6:00 am.
Please be considerate of others.

Hillside Adult Campground 
Quiet Hours are between 2 am – 6 am.
Please be considerate of others.

We will post camp spot information on Okuma Facebook when it’s sold out.

For more information please contact our front desk at 631-1990 (Mon-Thu 7am – 9pm / Fri-Sat 7am – 10pm).


Surfside Restaurant Operation:
We will run the normal operation for breakfast from 7:30 am – 10:00 am for both Saturday and Sunday morning.
Special menu will be served at the Patio from noon – 10:00pm.

Weverunner Lounge Operation:
We will serve at the patio area from 12 pm, noon – 12 am, midnight.

Boat House: Normal Operation 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Coral Reef Inn (Front Desk): Normal Operation 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Beach Mart: Normal Operation 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Reservation Desk:  Normal Operation  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Go-Kart: Close Monday, 27 April – Monday,11 May
Tennis Court: Close Friday, 1 May – Sunday, 3 May
Slot Machine: Close Saturday, 2 May & Sunday, 3 May
Golf Course: Close Saturday, 2 May & Sunday, 3 May
Buggy Bike Rental: Close Saturday, 2 May – Sunday, 3 May
Golf Cart Rental: Close Saturday, 2 May – Sunday, 3 May

Featured Entertainers:


DIAMANTES Okinawa Latin Diamond in the Rough
Okinawa Latin Diamond in the Rough

Diamantes was founded in 1991, in Okinawa. Their 1st album “OKINAWA LATINA / Okinawa Latina” debuted in 1993. They are known for their multiple hit singles like “Ganbatte Yang do”, “victory song”, “one hand to the three-wire”, and they have expand to doing live concerts around the world. In 2012, their single “Cebada”, from the Amigo album, became a hot topic and was newly written for the “wheat craftsman” commercial by Orion Beer. The following summer of 2013, Diamante released their latest album called Artesano. Play the video below to get a sample of their music style and prepare to be amazed. http://www.diamantes.jp/profile/


T.O.K. Reggae Band
T.O.K. – Reggae Band – Confirmed for BeachFest!

T.O.K. is a dancehall group from Kingston, Jamaica. The group consists of Alistaire “Alex” McCalla, Roshaun “Bay-C” Clarke, Craig “Craigy T” Thompson, and Xavier “Flexx” Davidson. They are best known for such hits as Footprints, Gal You Ah Lead, and Eagles Cry.

The group’s origins can be traced back to the early 1990s while the members were still attending school. Alistaire McCalla and Xavier Davidson were friends, and McCalla recruited Craig Thompson and Roshaun Clarke who were fellow members of the choir at Campion College in Kingston and T.O.K. was born. The group got their initial break in 1993, after a stint playing at high school parties and hotels, they finished second at the annual Tastee Talent Competition. Their performance was noticed by the local record producer Stephen Craig of Nuff Records. After voicing some tracks for Craig’s label, they were signed to a recording contract to Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare’s Taxi label in 1996, and released their first single, “Hit Them High.” Later that year, they signed onto Richard “Shams” Browne’s High Profile label and released two more singles, “Send Them Come” and “Hardcore Lover” with Lady Saw. The latter tune was popular, climbing the Jamaican dancehall charts, and earned them a contract with VP Records. In 2012, the group became independent of their contract with VP Records. They are now working under their own label, X.C.A.R.R. Records.


R3 will be performing on Saturday, 2 May
R3 will be performing on Saturday, 2 May

R3 is a Pop band that was formed in December 2013. They are made up of 2 vocalist and a guitarist. The band originated in the Ryukyo, R, and composed of 3 people so the group name is R3. R3 debuted on the X-FACTOR Okinawa, Japan edition and won 4th place out of 2,000 band sets. Check out this awesome band at Okuma Beach Fest! Tokashiki true Makoto / Vocal Mochizuki honor Homare / Guitar Cho Aragaki Li Sha Risa / Vocal


MANAMI will be performing on Saturday, 2 May.
MANAMI will be performing on Saturday, 2 May.

Born in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Minami spent time in Tokyo as a student under Global producer, Pharrell Williams. Minami was awarded the Grand Prix at the NIGO sponsored “STAR BAPE SEARCH.” In June 2010, she released her first album titled “Yellow Stop.” Her hit single “Miss Little Voice” brought Minami instant popularity. It became the commercial song for Orion Southern Star. Her next single “ Best Friend” gave similar feedback, winning Minami first place in the Okinawa Prefecture of media and store chart.

The sensational singer has been putting on live shows in Okinawa and will perform at Okuma Beach Fest on Saturday, 2 May. Her overwhelming support from the older and younger generations pushed Minami to release a new album entitled “Shangri-La.”


SKY'S THE LIMIT will be performing on Saturday, 2 May
SKY’S THE LIMIT will be performing on Saturday, 2 May

From Okinawa to the whole country! To the world! To the future!

This four man group originated in Okinawa, Japan. The members are Takuji Yamamoto, Wakae 爵紀, Oshiro Takashi, and Hideyuki Maeda. They made their debut on X Factor Okinawa, Japan! Sky’s the Limit landed in the top 9 out of 2,000 bands.

Everyones feelings is the driving force of the Sky’s the Limit! Their goal is to unify the community through their music. “Let’s liven up together!”

Check out their Facebook page!


GLEAN PIECE will be performing on Sunday, 3 May
GLEAN PIECE will be performing on Sunday, 3 May

Glean is “picking up collect”, Piece of “pieces”.
Align the two words and you get the phrase “to glean a piece” that is where the band name came from. Glean Piece! They are know for their rege pop style of music. Glean Piece is made up of lead singer UTA ring Irudoboisu and Shin.


LIM will be performing on Sunday, 3 May
LIM will be performing on Sunday, 3 May

Check out their sound here!


T-DA will be performing on Sunday, 3 May
T-DA will be performing on Sunday, 3 May

Top Dance Academy Group will blow your mind away with how talented they are. This Okinawa based dance group performs all over the island and has appeared in various television commercials. Performing LIVE at OKUMA BEACH FEST, you don’t want miss this stage event.

Hottest Beach Party of the year!
Hottest Beach Party of the year!

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    1. Hey Siri,
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