The world’s greatest Michael Jackson experience!

Friday, June 20 • 9 pm

Doors open at 7:30 pm
Tickets on sale Monday, 2 June • 9 am
Available at the Rocker NCO Club
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Members – $35
Nonmembers – $40

ECasanova 2014 - PortraitThey say that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks exactly like you,  a perfect double. Most of us will never know who that person is but E’CASANOVA does and that likeness has garnered him recognition as the World’s Greatest Tribute Artist. On stage CAS pays homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson and has thrilled sell-out audiences around the world with the same powerful music, dance and special effects as the legendary musical icon.

“I don’t think I’m him,” says E’CASANOVA, “I’m not an impersonator. That’s a word I reject. I’m an actor playing a part.” But when E’CASANOVA is playing that part, jaws drop, goose bumps form, and tears fall as he delivers the most compelling and authentic rendition of Michael Jackson the world has ever seen.

Audiences become mesmerized as he brings the essence of The King of Pop to life right in front of their eyes. Critics around the world readily admit to the astounding resemblance portrayed in his tribute show. In March 2007, CAS was invited to perform in Japan at a prestigious VIP party in honor of Michael Jackson. It was Michael’s first time ever seeing CAS perform in person, to which MJ remarked “it was eerie…like looking in a mirror.”

On screen E’CASANOVA was requested by MJ to appear as his photo double in the *Who Is It* video where he is also featured on camera as Michael Jackson. In a recent episode of Ashton Kutcher’s PUNKD’ on the MTV network, CAS punks platinum recording artist Frankie J into believing that he is Michael Jackson.

Born in Los Angeles, CAS became fascinated with the J5 cartoon reruns while still a toddler. As his interest grew into his teen years many people even told CAS he resembled Michael Jackson. By 16 he knew he wanted to pursue a show business career and began competing in talent contests. After winning these contests over and over again with his tribute to Michael Jackson CAS found his niche.

In Las Vegas CAS became the “must see” act on The Strip with stints in several production extravaganza’s and was the $10,000 Grand Prize Winner of MGM Grand’s world-wide celebrity look-alikecontest.

VH1 captured the unique life of E’CASANOVA during a three-day shoot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York that includes behind the scenes footage as well as that of his spectacular King of Pop Tribute show. His notoriety placed CAS front and center to organize Michael Jackson Day in Las Vegas on October 25, 2003 as a way for the fans of the King of Pop to show their appreciation.

CAS presented the Key to the City to Michael himself and the Mayor of Las Vegas authored a Proclamation.

Although E’CASANOVA admires Jackson, and is a Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 historian, he is a singer, songwriter, actor, and producer in his own right. He acknowledges that looking like Michael Jackson has certainly opened doors. When not performing his tribute show, over the past several years E’CASANOVA has produced and choreographed many production shows and concerts in theaters, studios, and dance halls around the world. Portraying the role of Michael Jackson, a pop icon of the twentieth century, requires extraordinary singing and dancing talent in addition to looking like the superstar. His innate talent combined with natural charisma makes E’CASANOVA the World’s Greatest Tribute Artist.

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